Mundekulla swimming pond and tent spaces

Booking terms & conditions

The rules apply to events organized by Mundekulla . For events that are not arranged by Mundekulla (external organizers), the booking rules that the organizer in question refers to apply.

Registration fee and cancellation policy
We charge a booking fee of SEK 900 per person for our own courses and events, except for ages 4 -14 years where the fee is SEK 600 (however, a maximum of SEK 2000 per booking/family). The booking fee is part of what is paid upon registration and is not refundable. Cancellation can be made up to two weeks before the start, after which the amount paid in addition to the above-mentioned booking fee will be refunded. Thereafter, reimbursement takes place only upon presentation of a medical certificate. If you do not have the opportunity to participate in the course you have booked, you can transfer your place to another person in agreement with Mundekulla. If for some reason we need to cancel the event, this will be announced no later than one month before the course and the entire participation fee is refunded. No travel expenses will be compensated for.

Bank transfer, swish and international payment
Mundekullas Bankgiro: 5518-7074
International payments: IBAN = SE69 8000 0800 6900 3136 2932, BIC = SWEDSESS
Sparbanken Eken, Långasjö
Mundekulla Swish number: 1235528880

Here is some general info that is recommended to read before arrival

We offer climate-smart, nutritious, good and carefully prepared vegetarian food! Let us know if you are allergic or do not tolerate gluten or dairy products. Unfortunately, we can not meet temporary diets.

Mundekulla has tastefully decorated rooms with comfortable beds and some rooms with their own shower and toilet. At some events, tent and dormitory options are offered. In the dormitory a mattress, blanket and pillow are obtained. Bring sheets/pillowcases and a towel if you do not choose to rent this at Mundekulla. Cost SEK 150 per set.

Everyone cleans their room after completing the course. The service can be purchased on site for SEK 300. 
In most courses we help with dishes, about 20-30 minutes per person per day.

Feel free to bring soft comfortable clothes, indoor shoes (winter time) and clothes for nature walks.

Some rooms are on the second floor with staircases used for larger courses, but several meeting rooms are on the first floor and we have an elevator to the meeting room (Kreativum). We have four disability adapted toilets.

Things left behind
We have about 2000 guests per year in Mundekulla and many things are left behind, which we then send out. It costs SEK 100 + the postage fee for these mailings.

We love animals, but for allergy reasons you can not bring your pets to Mundekulla. However, there is a  dog hotel  7 km from Mundekulla.

Wifi for guests is available.

We love green