Corona Policy

Direction at Mundekulla due to Covid-19

To reduce risks and increase security for all present, we have agreed on the following policy:

Said by participants
"Incredibly good Corona strategy, The community became very close despite the distances."
"Very good, above expectations. Safe and secure well thought out."

Check-in takes place with distance in the reception.
Ensure good hand hygiene and wash your hands often, preferably immediately upon arrival.
Feel free to bring your own sanitizer and mask as well as your own water bottle if desired. Sanitizer is also available in Mundekulla's public spaces.

At the premises
We place ourselves at a distance from each other. We are in large premises with space for distancing and good ventilation. Some activities in large groups take place outdoors

Meals and accommodation
During meals we seat ourselves in the dining room in a way that respects distance and with larger groups we have two dining rooms. It is possible to eat outdoors in tents or in the open air. For many activities, we have silence at the beginning of the meal to create more calm in the event of queuing.
Social aspect
Respect the distance, it is easy for us to feel that we should be trusting and maybe hugging, but right now it is safer for everyone that we do not, but feel free to greet each other in some other nice way. If you come with a friend/partner, you can choose not to have distance if you both want it.

In case of possible illness
If you have symptoms, stay home. In the event that someone should develop symptoms of illness during the stay at Mundekulla, there is access to a room for privacy until the person can be transported to care. To be prepared, we would like to ask you to investigate possibilities for you to get transport home if you should develop symptoms. Check if there is a relative, friend or other person who can be on standby and pick you up by car/transport to your home municipality if necessary, or if you have insurance that covers transport.

Risk group
If you are part of a risk group for Covid 19, we want you to consider your participation.
We would like you who have the opportunity, to travel here by car right now. According to the directives, if you travel by train, you need to have a ticket with a seat reservation. If a taxi is needed from the station in Emmaboda, book in advance with Taxi Emma, no later than two days before arrival/departure. Tel 0471-10100

Booking rules
Our regular
cancellation policy for our own events apply. (For external events see the booking rules on the respective event page.)

Our own courses will go ahead provided that we do not have to cancel for any reason. If so, against all odds, this will be announced no later than one month before the event and the participation fee is refunded. No travel allowance is paid.

Our offer
We offer a variety of exciting, experience-based, inspiring and joyful courses with knowledgeable and experienced leaders. Some of these activities are arranged by Mundekulla and some by course leaders who rent Mundekulla (external organizer) and offer their course at Mundekulla. Thus, the booking procedure varies from group to group, which is evident when you click on each course in our

Arrange your course, retreat or festival in Mundekulla
We have almost 25 years of experience in arranging and carrying out events. Get in touch at if you want to host your event with us.

Said by participants regarding Mundekulla's Corona policy

"Safe and securely organized. Great with the opportunity to spray your hands in several different places."

"Good with checkered floor with a square/person in the meeting room."

"100% positive - felt secure"

"It was impressively well-thought-out and consistent. It provided security."

​​​​​​Felt safe and caring ""

"Very good, above expectations"

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