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FESTIVAL: Embodiment, dance, yoga, meditation

Embodiment Festival

A celebration of the wisdom of the Body

July 26 - 30, 2023

Organizer and Workshop leaders: Pernilla Franzén and Sandra Geitz, Mundekulla Retreat Center. Many more amazing workshop leaders will be added soon, in 2023.

Welcome to five summer days filled with celebration of the amazing, mystical and wise human body! We will bring our felt senses into dance, music, yoga, meditation, acrobatics, lectures, arts and much more – celebrate, play, learn and connect to ourselves and others in an embodied way. And all will take place in the idyllic surrounding of Mundekulla´s forest, beautiful buildings and welcoming atmosphere!

You will discover, through your own personal experience, how inhabiting your body makes you grounded in yourself, gives you clarity, supports your inner wellbeing, sparks your creative expression and makes you able to connect with others and the world from an authentic place.


What is embodiment?

Embodiment is a connection to one's own body, from the inside out, which makes us able to experience the world and life through all of our senses. The felt sense, the language that the body speaks, connects us to our direct present moment experience and makes us available to learn from its intuitive wisdom.  



What can you expect?

Join many inspiring workshops in the fields of dance, yoga, meditation, arts, theater and lectures on the body's wisdom. We invite you to play, create and express what is already there.

Program (detailed)

07.30-08.00  Waking up in a soft way - with beautiful morning meditations, yoga or qigong

08.00-09.30  Breakfast

10.00-11.00  Community time – Gathering in a morning circle to connect and find out

about the fun possibilities there are for the day

11.15-13.00  Exploration, discoveries and play – First round of parallel workshops in everything from painting to how to stand on your hands, from lectures about the nervous system to the wisdom of family constellations, forest bathing and qi gong

13.00-14.00  Lunch, Mindful and Embodied Eating - Nurturing your body with healthy and amazingly tasty vegan or vegetarian food made from local and organic products.

14.00-16.00  Time to be - Laying in the sun, having fika, dipping in the pond, walking in the greenery of the forest, enjoying the flower fields and sharing time together

16.00-18.30  Exploration, discoveries and play – second round of parallel workshops

18.30-19.30  Dinner

20.00-22.00  Evening coziness and celebrations - with concerts, open stage and ecstatic dances

22.00-07.30  Resting and Recharging - Enjoying the deep silence of the night and the sense of the sun that never really wants to settle down

Pernilla Franzén

Pernilla describes herself as a free spirit and for as long as she can remember, she has had a desire to always want to explore the depths of life's mysteries, turn and twist every stone to find what is true and genuine. Eventually she found that the search on the outside always led to what is true and genuine within. It's just waiting there to be seen, heard and embraced.

Pernilla has a background in social work and has taken several courses in personal development and leadership. She is a trained coach through Human Awareness and has also given courses in personal development with the horse as a teacher. Together with the encounters with horses, the life experience that has given her the most essential knowledge and embodied practice around the topic of health, is the journey she made from 'chronic' illness to health. Among other important pieces of the puzzle, such as nutrition and supplements, inner child work, shadow work, qigong etc., she found an extremely important piece of the puzzle in body-based therapies such as Feldenkreis and Somatic Experience. After that discovery, she has been geeking out on the polyvagal theory and how people themselves can learn simple tools for self-regulation.


She is passionate about how we can create more people-friendly, trauma-informed environments and contexts and loves to share the tools she herself uses to ground herself and cultivate self-compassion. Through her workshops, she will invite you to reconnect to the wisdom of your body where you can find, explore and embrace both your vulnerability and strengths.

Sandra Geitz

Embodiment and Creativity has always been the center point of Sandra's life. Her background is in dance, embodied movement and creative writing. She is, since 2016, working with body-oriented coaching, mentoring sessions and groups within the field of personal development, mediation, embodied writing and inner transformation. Since 2020 she is running the seven months European Volunteer Project “Sustainable Living & Organization '' for young adults in Mundekulla, where she teaches about entrepreneurship, creativity and community living. Her work is built on her own personal experience and studies from Zen Coaching, Somatic Experience, Family Constellation, Writing and Art therapy, NLP, NonViolent Communication and the diamond Approach. She loves to investigate the mystery of the human experience and connect with a deeper more spontaneous movement rising from our bodies to navigate in life from.

More information about the Workshop Leaders is coming out soon.

Practical information

Price for Festival ticket: SEK 4400

Early Bird ticket, until Feb 28: SEK 4200

The festival ticket includes tent space and food – breakfast, lunch and dinner – and is paid when booking. If you want to upgrade your accomodation, please see alternatives below. You pay for upgraded accomodation upon arrival.


Single room with private bathroom: SEK 2700

Single room with shared bathroom: SEK 2200

Part in double room with private bathroom: SEK 1900

Part in double room with shared bathroom: SEK 1500

Part in Viking Cottage with shared bathroom: SEK 1500

Part in three bed-room with shared bathroom: SEK 1000

Part in four bed-room with private bathroom: SEK 1400

Sleeping alcove with shared bathroom: SEK 800

Mobile home or caravan with electricity: SEK 400

Mobile home or caravan without electricity: SEK 300

Booking fee

The festival ticket, which is paid when booking, includes a booking fee of SEK 800/person. The booking fee is non-refundable. The remaining fee will be refunded in case of cancellation no later than two weeks before the camp. After that, refund will only take place on presentation of a medical certificate.

Information on food and practicalities

  • Mundekulla serves organic, vegan or vegetarian food and offer milk and gluten free options for those who wish or have alleriges. However, we cannot serve food that suits all different diets.

  • All participants should check in at the reception and pay for any upgraded lodging upon arrival.

  • Bring your own sheets and towels or rent at Mundekulla for SEK 150/set at check in.

  • Participants clean their rooms after the festival, or buy this service for SEK 300 per room, which can be booked upon arrival or at check out. For room cleaning not carried out by participant a fee of SEK 400 will be invoiced.

  • It is not allowed to use candles in the rooms.

  • Pets cannot be brought to the facilities, but there is a dog hotel 7 km from Mundekulla

  • It can be nice to bring clothes for nature walks.

General information

It is recommended to read this general information before arrival.

Travel to Mundekulla

Click here for information on how to get to Mundekulla.


Welcome to join our carpooling group on Facebook where you can request or offer a ride to a specific event at Mundekulla.


Dates & Times

Wednesday July 26 - Sunday July 30

Check-in from 4 pm

Dinner at 6 pm

Opening circle at 8 pm

The Festival ends at 3 pm on Sunday.


Email Pernilla at 

Program overview


07.30-08.00 Morning meditations, yoga or qigong

08.00-09.30 Breakfast

10.00-11.00 Community time

11.15-13.00 Workshops

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-16.00 Time to be

16.00-18.30 Workshops

18.30-19.30 Dinner

20.00-22.00 Evening coziness and celebrations

22.00-07.30 Resting and Recharging

Pernilla Franzén


Sandra Geitz

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