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In the workshops we will explore embodiment through movement, play, breath, the collective field, meditation, arts, sound, nature connection – enjoying our bodies in motion, stillness, relating and expression. Listening and sensing, slowing down and letting gravity hold us. There will be many different angles, perspectives and experiences to explore along different moods and interests.



Workshops such as conscious and wild dance, connective and centering yoga, balancing qigong, playful acro yoga, finding your point of gravity in between bodies in contact improvisation, tuning into your animal body in playfight and shifting perspective with hand balance. Conscious movement can support in sensing our body and give us a stronger somatic awareness. Play can connect our bodies with others and our own energy in an intuitive way.



Workshops such as deepening into mediation, tapping into your creativity in arts, healing vibrations, get to know your body in dance and discovering your unique expression in voicing. As we ground in our bodies, and the moment, our genuine creative self-expression arises as an inner spontaneous impulse and can be brought forward.



Lectures and workshops exploring topics such as the nervous system and how we can self-regulate, relating from sensing the body and getting familiar with one's own boundaries, embodied facilitation/leadership, how we can live and direct our actions from what is important to us, family constellations and the gifts from the collective field, nature connection and what role the body has in creating healthy habits. Learning from the wisdom and intelligence the body has to offer us in all different areas of life.



Coming together in the evenings for magical concerts, sound healing journeys, ecstatic dance and open stage. Embodying the present moment and celebrating being alive!



During the festival you will be able to book and receive body-work sessions, giving thanks and appreciation to your beautiful home! This will be a way for you to ground, sense, release tension, relax, connect and integrate during the festival. You book and pay on spot, read more here about our amazing body-workers.

Meet the workshop leaders  (and more following)

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Movement is one of Andreas' great life’s great passions, which ne lives & teaches. He has more than 20 years of experience exploring and developing his own movement capacity within disciplines like weight-training, calisthenics, climbing and arm-balance. He's also a certified Medical Massage Therapist at Axelsons and  currently doing the Somatic Experiencing Training.

Having a consistent movement practice is essential for our health and longevity, but also an awesome tool for self-development, feeling good about our-self's and a potent way for self-regulating. I teach arm-balance, strength and mobility, where I apply principles from the FRC system (Functional Range Conditioning).

At the festival, Andreas will be offering an arm-balance workshop for beginners, a strength and mobility workshop, speaking about habits, how to create a sustainable movement practice and the importance of being strong through a full range of motion.


Emelia is a Swedish - Canadian dance and performance artist and movement teacher with a background in gender, sexuality, environmental justice and education. She facilitates classes and workshops in Contact Improvisation (CI), improvisation, Acro Yoga and yoga for experienced movers, beginners, children and people with disabilities. Emelia is a certified Acroyoga teacher and yoga teacher. She studied at the Stockholm University of the Arts, Dance and Somatics at ISLO in Joensuu and International Development from the University of Ottawa.

"I am interested in the endless ways we can be playmates with other humans, other living beings and mythical creatures. Learning to be a keen playmate is to first show up for yourself and your willingness to explore, play and learn. From there we can find different tools through acroyoga, dance and other creative practices to propose, accept, initiate, contribute, witness, support, and reciprocate."


Loló is the founder of ‘Hands from Above & Body Gateway to Heart and Spirit’. She offers full sessions combining multiple techniques.


Acknowledging Bodywork as one of the finest arts the work embraces healing and skillful touch together with understanding the unique needs of each client.


With over 18 years of experience working with people all across the world Loló is certified and trained in BodyWork & Massage Therapy, Chinese Reflexology, Reiki, Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Pilates, Bioenergetic Movement, Contact Impvisation Dance, Zen Coaching, Family Constellation and Systemic Movements.


Loló says: "The purpose is to regain the intelligent trust of the mystery of your Body. When the Body realizes that Awareness and Focus is finally listening to IT, Body relaxes and begins to function in surprising new ways, giving back all the lost wellbeing during moments of unconcious Inner War."

Lolo pic.jpeg


Asher has been forever curious about all of the ways that we can move, breathe, play, eat, socialize, dream, connect and create as individuals and as a collective.

During festival Asher will offer a unique style of workshop that he likes to call Primal Patterns. In the workshop we will explore together fundamental human movements using our own and each others bodies and whatever logs, stones and sticks we can find in the forest around us.

Asher will also share dynamic and creative Yoga classes, to inspire joy and deepen your connection to all the other wonderful people at the festival.


Prepare for playfulness and laughter, to breathe deep and to experience your body in new and exciting ways.

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Candra Karlholm is greatly appreciated for her warm, clear and skilled guidance as a facilitator of family constellation. She has trained extensively with Svagito Liebermeister since 2015, and she also organizes and assists courses with him. Candra loves constellation work as she finds it is such a great way to find out exactly what one needs to see, open to and learn to grow in love and awareness – in a practical, clear and embodied way.

Candra has explored and practised methods for personal growth for 25 years and has learnt with some truly outstanding teachers. She is a mindfulness instructor and drama pedagogue, coach and therapist. She is also one of the founders of Spread the Word, which organizes events with Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Deva Premal & Miten and others.



🔹Art of Union🔹 is a modern take on the ancient art of sound healing, incorporating the latest research in music therapy to enhance its therapeutic and relaxing effects. This musical experience uses a range of instruments, including Gongs, singing bowls, rhythm, voice, and ASMR. Musician Leona Frantzich, sound and movement artist Mateusz Krawiec


Hale takes us through intuitively created soundscapes and music that flows between eras and customs, embodying the sacredness of creation and being in the moment. He is a manifesting generator with a diverse background in classical music as well as improvisation and intuitive creation. As a musician he moves smoothly between the sounds of nature, different cultural traditions, eras and customs, not forgetting the possibilities of the electronic dimensions.

Sound Medicine - Deep Journey is a safe space intuitively facilitated by music, which helps the experiencer surrender to experience more. Facilitated mainly by music and soundscapes, but also by intuitive touch, presence and scents, the space is usually a strong and emotional experience for the experiencer. For someone, the experience can be an experience of very deep and comprehensive bodily relaxation, for someone who has been in the same state, the experience can bring to mind the things that want to find balance in the experiencer's own life. At best, in a short time, the experiencer can realize a lot about himself during the event and get answers to open questions in his life. This experience, which creates a strong and deep inner journey, strengthens intuition, listening to the inner voice, one's own inner wisdom and increases compassion towards the experiencer. You are welcome just as you are.

Picture by Sari Garda



Anna is a certified nature- and forest bathing guide. She will during the festival invite you to practise forest bathing.

Forest bathing is in connection with our senses a way to enjoy and explore a nature spot and its atmosphere.

Our senses in contact with the nature provide us to open up for a deeper presence and to just be, here and now.

When we allow our body and mind to relax we will also feel a more powerful connection and grounding with the nature.

Anna will guide a group of 20 people into silent and calm present activities.



Sandras energetic and alive spirit made movement and creativity a center part of her life. For many years she studied dancing which during the last 10 years has walked hand-in-hand with meditation as a conscious and free movement journey. 2016 she found Zen Coaching, a body-oriented coaching form, which took her on a path towards working with people and inner transformation. She has, and still is studying Somatic Experiencing, Family Constellation, Writing and Art therapy, NLP, Nonviolent Communication and the Diamond Approach.


Sandra is passionate about holistic perspectives, the places where paradoxes meet, education, creativity as a resource for healing and self-discovery, joyful living, human relating and growth. She loves to investigate the mystery of the human experience and connect with a deeper more spontaneous and authentic movement rising from our bodies as a way to navigate in life. During the festival she will offer Workshops exploring “Talking Bodies”, Embodied Writing and Meditation & Dance Journeys.



When Lucy found yoga practice, she was amazed at what a great tool it can be. Her practice makes her feel light. It’s helped her through physical things like a running injury and also helps her feel present and have a clear mind.

The connection we have with ourselves is complicated and she find yoga asana and pranayama helps clear the pathways and make everything so much simpler and with much less noise, helping her find peace within.

As a teacher she wants to guide people in finding their own magic, helping release and revive energy and giving them confidence in their abilities, both their mind and body.

The breath is the gateway to the body, just by different breathing techniques we can calm our nervous system and strengthen our immune system.


Lucy is excited to be offering a wonderful nourishing breathing session!


Throughout his life, Torsten has come back to the question what happens when I release all the images I carry in me as motives for living and developing, what is left if I don't "do" anything? It led to many intense periods of various personal processes in Anthroposophy, Gestalt Therapy, Alexander Technique, Iris Work, Krishnamurti and Primary Play, working as a teacher, therapist, project manager and craftsman.

Everything was important in its own way and now the need to get outside support or to become someone has quieted down significantly and living life itself has become the meaning of life! The incomplete, the boring, the scared, the angry, the sad, the happy, the magical grand, all belong in the beautiful dynamic fabric of life and playing with this diversity of life has become a matter of the heart where "doing nothing" is an important point of departure.  

Now Torsten invites you to "Primary Play", an undemanding, safe event where we play on soft mattresses without words, in touch, tumbling around, quietly, meditatively, powerfully or wildly, where we can listen to the body's impulses and explore in community what wants to be expressed. There is room on the play surface for all needs whether I want to be in the middle of a boiling pile or in the protected zone to myself where I am untouchable, there is no right way to play! Welcome!


Leika is an Embodied Flow™ teacher 300 hr, Embodied Yin ™ inspired teacher 50hr. She also has a background in Yogic Arts 230 hr which is a martial arts/dance/vinyasa yoga form.

Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy ™ 300 hr supports her work as a qualitative, in depth yoga teacher as well as a holistic therapist. Cranio sacral is part of her services on top of Energy work/healing.

“It never ceases to amaze me how intricate our Soma is. It is deeply fascinating to me the mystery of the Self. I still am still astounded by how we as humans can communicate, manipulate and transform our Bodyminds. Human Beings are so extraordinary and powerful Beings that with expanded awareness and the right tools can reconnect to what is hidden and thereby become richer, lighter and more joyful and healed, balanced beings.”

“I love my work. It is my dharma and passion.”

Leika will be offering two workshops at the Festival:

Embody and Empower your Inner Fire; Somatic Awareness & Embodied Flow & Free Movement.

Embodiment of the Fire Element. TCM, Kashmir Shaivism & Shamanism in one.

leika pic_edited.jpg


Elke has been active in massage and body treatments for more than 25 years. What awaits you can best be described as a warm embrace to slow down and let go. Wrapped, oiled and gently touched, the body and soul are invited to a LISTENING. Rhythmic forms and movements in this massage interact and balance this magnificent Life-Water element that our bodies are after all! There is room for feelings and memories to express themselves precisely in their immediate, unconditional form.


Elke describes her form of embodiment "To notice and find a way in, reconnect to one's own original life frequency". She continues to be fascinated by humans and the body's inherent healing intelligence, therefore she constantly searches for simplicity and body presence above all specializations and techniques.

The basis is the practice of Rhythmic Massage in Germany and at Vidarkliniken and Elke developed a special interest in treatments for women during pregnancy and childbirth. Further training and courses: The Rosen Method, Alexander Technique, Sound Massage (Peter Hess), Intuitive Massage, Supportive Conversation, Communication as Art.

Welcome to try it out!

Jana - Bodywork Pic.jpg


Alchemy of Touch is transformational body work. Founded by Tapesh Paradiso, Alchemy of Touch combines bodywork techniques adapted from Myofascial Chi-Release, Rebalancing, Deep Tissue Massage, Joint Mobilization, Yoga Thai Stretches, Digital Pressure Massage, Holistic Bodywork, Visceral Work, Meditation and Energy Work.

The session works on the muscles, fascia, joints and on an energetic level. Trigger points and stagnant energy can be released during the journey.

The rigid structures and patterns in body and mind in which we sometimes find ourselves can be softened.


More space and flexibility return to the body using Fluid Touch.


Come and explore the connection to yourself and others in playfulness and strength.

Playfight is a holistic practice that reclaims the innocent and non-violent quality of playful fighting typical of kids and animals and roots it in mindfulness, emotional awareness and authentic relating.

Playfight is a personal journey and a tribal experience. We gather in a circle, and Playfight in the middle. We bond, we relate and we support each other.


We fight but there are no winners or losers. This is a space to connect with our primal side, our inner strength and the wisdom of our bodies. We take care of ourselves, and our limits, expanding them with kindness and fun.

In one word: Playfight is connection.

Jasmin pic.jpg


Alfonso Calabria is a passionate chef whose world travels brought him knowledge and experience in many world cuisines and flavours.

With a deep interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture and macrobiotics, Alfonso has studied the energetic workings of different ingredients and ways of cooking. He loves to play with the different warming and cooling qualities of a meal, the  healing qualities of ingredients and adjust his menu to different times of the year and character of event.


At the embodiment festival Alfonso and his team will take us on a journey for the senses bring the spirit of embodiment to the dishes, fika and drinks served. 



Dj Tristan Gorski is the co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Koh Phangan Thailand. The small island off the coast of Thailand is where he currently lives and DJs.

During his DJ sets Tristan plays a wide spectrum of music, sculpting a landscape of sound and rhythms for you to dive into. Creating a space for connection and exploration through a musical experience, where celebration and meditation come together as one.


Link to his past DJ Sets


Elin is our gardener and food forest enthusiast here at Mundekulla. She has done the Permaculture design course with Kostersträdgårdar and Lilla skräddaröd farm and is working with permaculture for several years now. She is currently completing a one-year course in Food forestry in Stjärnsund. At the end of 2019, after completing a very inspiring time at The Ecovillage design education in Glarisegg Switzerland, she and her partner decided to start their first own food forestry project at an Ecovillage in Germany.

Permaculture and specifically food forestry in combination with embodiment has been an entry point for Elin to engage with life fully. As we start to feel our own body, our emotions, and sensations, we may also start to feel what is around us and we start to feel the earth. It is clear in most indigenous culture that the word nature is redundant, why would we need this word? We only need it if we don’t recognize ourselves as inherently belonging cocreators in our ecosystems. It is her wish for her life’s work to weave these treads between human and ecosystem, contribution to a culture which is regenerative rather than extractive. Elin will explore these topics during the festival, with simple practices and inquiries.


Veronica will guide you through an explorative journey of your nervous system, with gentle and creative practices, so that you can have the tools to listen and reframe the stories that are alive in your nervous system.

Veronica has a background in Community Theatre where she has witnessed the healing capacity of stories - to reconnect and reunite us with ourselves, others and nature. She also draws her knowledge from years of studying and exploring Somatic Experincing, playback theatre, symbolic language, archetypes, transgenerational stories and embodied interviewing. She is fascinated by the expansive moments when we can bring ease, humor and beauty into the darkest corner of our stories.

veronica new pic.jpeg


Simon has been traveling, basking, jamming and being part of the musical heart of many communities around the world. He studied music in Dartington Collage – and is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and poet.

Simon has a great passion for creating music with others and a beautiful gift for holding a space where people feel at ease and comfortable opening up and expressing themselves. He is inspired by rainbow family gatherings and making music part of your everyday. During the festival Simon will be offering music jams, mantra singing, informal music circles and magical music moments.

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Pernilla has a background in social work and has taken various courses in personal development and leadership such as NVC, mindfulness, qigong, Rewiring the Nervous System and Embodied Yoga Principles. She is a trained coach through Human Awareness and has also trained and given courses in personal leadership with the horse as a teacher.


Together with the encounters with horses, the life experience that has given her the most essential knowledge and embodied practice around the topic of health, is the journey she made from 'chronic' illness to health. Among other important pieces of the puzzle, she found an extremely important healing component in body-based therapies such as Feldenkreis and Somatic Experience and also in intuitive movement and qigong. After that discovery, she has been geeking out on the polyvagal theory and how people themselves can learn simple tools for self-regulation.


In Pernilla’s workshops, she will invite you to reconnect to the wisdom of your body where you can find, explore and embrace both your vulnerability and strengths and she loves to share the tools she herself uses to ground herself and cultivate self-compassion. Together with Pernilla, you will explore the qualities of saying “no” and “yes” through Embodied Yoga Principles and also connect with both masculine and feminine energy that we all carry within. Dealing with challenging emotions such as anger and fear is another topic in her workshops.


Hanne is a teacher and coach within Zen Coaching and Somatic Movement. She has a background as a performer and holds an MA in Creative Somatic Movement - Connection to the Living Body. She is also a long time student of the Diamond Approach.

Hanne is passionate about supporting individual and collective transformation through deep listening, somatic presence and experiential creative inquiry.

She is the founder of Arts and Practices of Bodymind Inquiry (2010)  as well as a cofounder for Embodied Transformation Institute. (2022)  Hanne is offering coaching,  workshops, programs and retreats in Norway and internationally and also online.

In the festival Hanne will offer two workshops of embodied self inquiry, one Authentic Movement workshop about TRUE DESIRE, and one workshop together with Leika Mark Noppenau exploring DIVINE EROS.

She will also offer individual Zen Coaching sessions.


Chris' passion is the multifaceted nature of life and the human kind.

The fascination for the human body, authenticity and creativity are pillars of his personal life and work as coach & facilitator under the theme of “Honouring uniqueness & re-accessing wholeness”.

He is a certified coach in the International Zen Coaching Community, part of the Coach Team for the Zen Coaching Training in Sweden and has a background in classical ballet, ballroom and embodied practices such as painting and movement.


Chris will hold the workshop “Shake off the Dust” where guided inquiry, creativity and dance merge to one, while the morning meditation “Meet your inner Lover” is dedicated to a loving encounter with yourself in respect and care.

He will offer individual Zen Coaching Sessions throughout the festival, to support your well-being on all levels.



Patrik has a long background and love for music, playing guitar and singing. He is a golden nugget in fixing things, being practical and of service. He will work behind the scenes during the festival, making sure everything is working with sound and light.


Patrik has a long background in playing music, singing and performing. He will organize and host the Open Stage, bringing people together and into the light is one of his great joys and passions!

Anja Pots (1).jpg


Anja is a trained dance teacher and dance movement therapist. She has been teaching dance for over 35 years, such as jazzdance, modern dance, african dance, improvisasion and childrens dance.

From teacher in technique-based dance she has developed her dance style and personality by two different therapy studies; dance therapy method Querido (NL) and "Vocal dance and Body-Mind Centering"

With the combination of her dance knowledge and experience and her new insight and vision she made her own practice (in the Netherlands) with both dance-movement therapy and courses in personal development.

"Body and soul are an undividable unity and constantly influence each other. It is this unity that I work with in dance and movement. Both with given movements asin Afro-Based Dance and with finding and liberating one's own movements as in Dance at Home in your Body.”


Sofia is a registered Physiotherapist, Yogateacher and multi-style Massage Therapist. She is driven by personal development and has in recent years attended to various workshops and trainings to gain a deeper connection, with herself and the people and nature around her.


Sofia is a dedicated and qualified therapist and has involved her experience with energy healing into her bodywork to deepen the healing and act on more subtle levels. Her doing so, clients experience her ability to reach beyond the physical body, space where more profound and more long-lasting healing can take place.


Sofia use a broad number of massage techniques to increase body awareness and release the Myo-fascial blocks so energy in your body can move more freely . She works deeply and always in contact with your healthy limits and your breath.

In the session: Opportunity and possibilities to experience a healthier body, more freedom, more energy, more aliveness, strength and inner peace.


Diana Bolo is a singer & songwriter who sees her life mission in empowering people to sound and sing. She started writing her own music after being an opera singer for several years. The sacred music world is her favourite habitat because it has much more freedom comparing to the rigidity of academical singing. Diana shares her medicine songs in English and Kirtan style mantras in Europe and Central America.


Discover Diana Bolo’s music:



After five years abroad, of which three years in Japan with training as the main focus, Jonas runs a karate dojo in Varberg where Budo plays a central role. The goal is to develop body, mind and techniques in a harmonious way where all three parts are followed throughout life. Through continuous training, you learn to be resilient to the challenges that lie ahead, and also, previous negative experiences that cause for example, PTSD are handled in a similar way.


Jonas’ interest in training has always been strong as he grew up in a family where sports were central, mainly ice hockey. After injuries, he stopped playing hockey and in the early 2000s he looked for something else. During that period he lived in Stockholm and unlike the countryside where he grew up, the offer was overwhelming and he tried various martial arts. Unfortunately, he felt that many were purely competitive and lacked a wholeness, both from a perspective of self-defense and mental development. In the end, Jonas found the wholeness he was missing with Goju Ryu and sensei Björn Jonzon, and the training with them was inspiring and the style challenging to explore.


Since then, Jonas has participated in several national and international camps and seminars. During 2011-2013 he lived in Okinawa and trained under grand-master Morio Higaonna and sensei Katsuyama Yamashiro.  Jonas has an instructor's license via IOGKF Sweden. Is an approved MMA instructor step 1 by SMMAF.

Jonas picture.jpg


The thing Sara loves the most about photography is to create a connection between herself and the person in front of her, trying to capture his/her soul. When she sees someone, her mind goes around looking for the best way to bring the beauty and the liveliness of that person inside the picture. Sara can't wait to come back to Mundekulla and take pictures of all the beautiful energies that surround us.


Every place inside Mundekulla is a photo shoot. From the beautiful tall trees to the ancient big stones. We can have together a 30 minutes photography session in this paradise, resulting in 5 photos (selected by me and with postproduction included) for 1000 SEK.

IG profile: @bound_withnature

Let's find the connection between humans and nature. It would be nice to bring with your clothes like: Skin color body/ linen shirt- dress / large pants - long skirt - linen pants

clothes colors: White - skin color - beige - brown - green olive (my advice is to have soft plain colors clothes)

Of course, feel free to wear whatever you feel more comfortable with!



Lennart Hallström is a djembe teacher, African dance musician and teambuilding leader since more than 25 years. Lennart’s djembe workshops are based on the modern djembe tradition and start at beginner’s level with the basic strokes, slowly advancing into the polyrhythmic sound of the whole ensemble. No previous experience required – everybody can join! Djembes are provided for all. More info at the websites (Swedish) and


The first time Stephanie experienced a shiatsu massage she knew she had to learn it. With it came a symphony of wisdom - from connecting to your core (hara) to awareness of the cycles and rhythms of life within us and in nature. She loves to work with simple stretches, exercises and acupressure points for relief, relaxation, recharging and healing. Stephanie studied shiatsu massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Academie Qing-Bai in The Netherlands, specifically on the Five Elements and how they can help us understand our physical and emotional wellbeing.

With her background in co-creation, culture, facilitation and change (University of Amsterdam), as well as her deep love for art and expression, Stephanie loves to tap into collective wisdom and genius through artistic expression. Inspired by Hilma av Klint's The Ten Largest, she will host a collective painting workshop at the festival where we will play with colour, abstract form and natural shapes, inviting also sound and movement. Together we will paint a collective painting on large paper canvasses (3.28×2.40)  on the floor. A beautiful exercise for all the senses in co-creation, holding loosely, giving space, embracing surprise and flow.

A day at the festival

07.00 - 08.00 ~ Morning Practice
Waking up in a soft way - with beautiful morning meditations, yoga or qigong

08.15 - 09.00 ~ Breakfast

10.00 - 11.00 ~ Community time

Gathering in a morning circle to connect and find out

about the fun possibilities there are for the day

11.15 - 13.00 ~ Exploration, Discoveries and Play
First round of parallel workshops in everything from painting to how to stand on your hands, from lectures about the nervous system to the wisdom of family constellations, forest bathing and qi gong

13.00 -14.00 ~ Lunch, Mindful and Embodied Eating

 Nurturing your body with healthy and amazingly tasty vegan or vegetarian food made from local and organic products.

14.00 - 15.00  ~ Time to Be

Laying in the sun, having fika, dipping in the pond, walking in the greenery of the forest, enjoying the flower fields and sharing time together

15.00 -16.30 Exploration, Discoveries and Play
Second round of parallel workshops

16.45 -18.45 Exploration, Discoveries and Play
Third round of parallel workshops

19.00-19.45 ~ Dinner

20.30 - 22.30 ~ Evening Coziness and Celebrations 
Concerts, open stage and ecstatic dances

22.30 - 07.00  Resting and Recharging 
Enjoying the deep silence of the night and the sense of the sun that never really wants to settle down

Practical info


Embodiment Festival at Mundekulla, Southern Sweden

​Wednesday July 26 - Sunday July 30​

Check-in and arrival from 4 pm on 26th of July

Dinner at 6 pm; Opening circle at 8 pm​

The Festival ends at 3 pm on Sunday 30th of July.

Booking & Accommodation

Tickets start at 4200 SEK incl. tent spot & food.
Volunteer tickets start at 3200 sek incl. tent spot & food (see below).


Early Bird until May 1st: starts from SEK 4200 
This includes the Festival Ticket 1800 sek + Foo
d & Tent Space 2400 sek

Normal price: starts from SEK 4400 

This includes the Festival Ticket 1800 sek + Food & Tent Space 2400 sek

The festival ticket includes tent space and food – breakfast, lunch and dinner – and is paid when booking. If you want to upgrade your accommodation, please see alternatives below. You pay for upgraded accommodation upon arrival.

Accommodation upgrades: Total prices incl. ticket, food and accommodation:

Mobile home or caravan without electricity: SEK 4500 (Early Bird), SEK 4700 (normal)

Mobile home or caravan with electricity: SEK 4600 (Early Bird), SEK 4800 (normal) 

Sleeping alcove with shared bathroom: SEK 5000 (Early Bird), SEK 5200 (normal)

Part in three bed-room with shared bathroom: SEK 5200 (Early Bird), SEK 5400 (normal) 

Part in four bed-room with private bathroom: +SEK 5600 (Early Bird), SEK 5800 (normal)

Part in Viking Cottage with shared bathroom: +SEK 5700 (Early Bird), SEK 5900 (normal)

Part in double room with shared bathroom: +SEK 5700 (Early Bird), SEK 5900 (normal)

Part in double room with private bathroom: +SEK 6100 (Early Bird), SEK 6300 (normal)

Single room with shared bathroom: +SEK 6400 (Early Bird), SEK 6600 (normal)

Single room with private bathroom: +SEK 6900 (Early Bird), SEK 7100 (normal)

Do you want to volunteer? 

As a volunteer, you get a good discount on your ticket. A volunteer ticket is SEK 3200 instead of 4400 (incl. festival fee, food and a tent spot). As a volunteer you will contribute with 12,5 hours of work in total, approximately 2,5 hours per day. Some days it can be more work and some days less. Together with your part of the team, you will set the working schedule for the festival. The chores will consist of beautifying and cleaning of the public areas and washing up the dishes after the mealtimes.

You can find more info and book your volunteer ticket, here.

Booking fee

The festival ticket, which is paid when booking, includes a booking fee of SEK 800/person. The booking fee is non-refundable. The remaining fee will be refunded in case of cancellation no later than two weeks before the camp. After that, refund will only take place on presentation of a medical certificate.

Food and practical info

  • Mundekulla serves organic, vegan or vegetarian food and offer milk and gluten free options for those who wish or have alleriges. However, we cannot serve food that suits all different diets.

  • All participants should check in at the reception and pay for any upgraded lodging upon arrival.

  • Bring your own sheets and towels or rent at Mundekulla for SEK 150/set at check in.

  • Participants clean their rooms after the festival, or buy this service for SEK 300 per room, which can be booked upon arrival or at check out. For room cleaning not carried out by participant a fee of SEK 400 will be invoiced.

  • It is not allowed to use candles in the rooms.

  • Pets cannot be brought to the facilities, but there is a dog hotel 7 km from Mundekulla

  • It can be nice to bring clothes for nature walks.

Alcohol-free and drug-free

Mundekulla is an alcohol- and drug-free center. With an exception for coffee and chocolate :)) Otherwise we have a zero tolerance policy. We ask all to respect this. No alcohol or drugs will be served or allowed on the premises, nor to be under influence of any of these substances. If you are found under influence, we will ask you to leave the festival and property immediately. 

General information

It is recommended to read this general information before arrival.

Travel to Mundekulla
We are at beautiful Mundekulla in Southern Sweden. Only 3 hours by direct train from Copenhagen.
Click here for information on how to get to Mundekulla.


Welcome to join our carpooling group on Facebook where you can request or offer a ride to a specific event at Mundekulla.


Write Pernilla at




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