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COURSE: Facilitation training, process design

Group Facilitation Training

Learn essentials of Group Process Design & develop your Leading Presence


Course leaders: Stephanie Verstift and Sandra Geitz

Would you love to have more impactful, fun and effective meetings?
Would love to understand better how to work with groups of people?
Would you like to use the intelligence of all people involved in a project?
Would you like to feel more confident in showing up as a group or process leader?

Then this facilitation training is meant for you.

In the Mundekulla Facilitation Training you'll learn many tools to help you solve the puzzle of creating meaningful and impactful meetings. Whether you work with a class of students or with a team of professionals, whether you work as a yoga teacher or as a community builder – there are beautiful work forms and ground principles that can help you lift your sessions to be engaging, creative, useful, clarifying and effective. Both for singular meetings, as well as long-term projects.

By the end of this training you'll go home with experience and understanding of tools, frameworks and mindsets from the Art of Facilitation, Design Thinking, Gamestorming, and Embodied Leadershiop - and how to apply these in your specific context.

We will look both at the principles, structures and work forms that can be supportive for your work, as well as at your role as facilitator. How do you want to show up in your role as facilitator, leader, manager, teacher, youth worker? What are the qualities you wish to embody and transmit to the group you are working with? Together we will practice and explore structures and starting points for your work to be meaningful, have impact, support learning and foster a sense of ownership, agency and accountability.


Course modules

• Process design

In the Process Design module you'll learn frameworks that will help you understand the flow of a group process and how you can design its different phases.  From an inspiring and clear beginning, to an engaging middle and valuable clear end with conclusions, action points and decisions. We will look both at the scope of a single session, as well as in the scope of a wider long-term project that includes many sessions. You will experience different work forms and tools and we will also work with real life cases to design different processes from beginning to end. By the end of this module you will also have experience and understanding into how to design sessions for different purposes: such as to learn, to network, to build relationships, to create a vision, to create clear action steps, to find creative solutions or to prioritize and make decisions. We will also consider different types of groups, such as students, professionals or community members.

• Contextual work: From invitation to harvest

In this part we will look at how you can work with the wider context of the meetings and processes you work with, to bring them into their full potential. We cover how you can prepare for important contextual work such as the invitation (before the meeting, workshop or course) and the harvest (collecting outcomes and sharing outcomes afterwards). We will also touch upon important helpers such as the art of asking powerful questions, deep listening and cycles of development.

• Your presence as a facilitator


As a facilitator, leader or teacher, your presence is an important foundation for your work. You often need to work with the unforeseen and respond in the moment to what shows up. It could be confusion, conflict or practical issues. On the one hand we'll learn how to design processes wisely, on the other hand we will focus on our presence and cultivating the inner work for holding complexity. We'll explore the exciting and fun balance between following and leading at the same time, between finding structure and improvisation, being assertive and empathic. We will also investigate how we can work with our own triggers and shortcomings to show up in the way we would love to in our work.

In short!  What will you learn?


These three days aim to give you the experience and understanding of how to invite, design, facilitate & harvest a learning process, as well as a practical toolbox for you to bring home. This course is relevant for everyone who works with groups of people to be more confident, clear, efficient and calm as a facilitator/leader.

You will learn practices that support you in showing up in your role with presence, connected to the topic you speak about and able to connect back to the needs of the group you work with. So that you to the maximum can enjoy your work, create spaces where learning and meaningful conversations can take place and feel confidence in tracking the process, make appropriate interventions and develop new sides of yourself.  

You will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of how a group process works and how you can design it to harvest the most of it

  • Experience & tools in how you can show up as a facilitator with presence, awareness and confidence

  • Insights and skills that will help you to have a greater impact, work with efficiency and have more meaningful, engaged and fun collaborations

  • Discover your strengths and gifts, as well as your challenges/growth possibilities and bring home practices that you can implement to grow in these areas

  • A toolbox of different teaching methods for facilitation & activities/exercises that fit each part of the process


For who is this course?


This training is for anyone who works with people and groups, as teachers, project leaders, managers, youth workers or community builders and are invested in facilitating meaningful, engaging, creative and effective meetings, as well as learning and in their workspace. It is for anyone who is interested in participatory leadership and creating space for collaboration to take place, deepen and bring out the best in any meeting (1+1=11!).

Stephanie Verstift


Stephanie Verstift is fascinated by how a group of people can come to great insights, action and impact when given an environment and work forms that support collective understanding and collaboration. Since 2012 she has worked as a consultant and process facilitator for organizations – small, big, private and public sector – with the aim of organizational learning, improved communication, strategy co-creation and creative problem-solving. From different ministries to municipalities, from KLM and healthcare organizations to small neighbourhood cooperatives.


In education, she worked as service design teacher at Art and Design Academy Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam and is returning guest lecturer at Linnaeus University Växjö. She currently works the majority of her time as general manager of Mundekulla where's she gets to facilitate the fantastic interdisciplinary team of Mundekulla. In Stephanie’s ‘toolkit’ you’ll discover different facilitation methods, such as Design Thinking, Art of Hosting and Gamestorming. Her background is in interdisciplinary learning at Utrecht University (BA Liberal Arts and Sciences) and she has a Master’s degree in Organizational Change and Management at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Sandra Geitz


Sandra is passionate about bringing people together, collective learning, human potential, embodiment and creative processes. Sandra has studied and worked as a Coach and Facilitator for groups since 2017, within the fields of personal development, embodiment, creativity, authentic relating, and presence-based leadership. In this training she will bring in the importance of how we show up and are present with the group, ourselves and with what we are sharing/teaching about, as we lead. Shedding light not only on what and how we work but from where inside.


She will offer tools for self-regulation that supports you to handle and navigate in turbulent times of stress, conflict and in the unforeseen from a grounded and collected place, and support others with the same. Sandra's educational and professional background lies in Family Constellation work, Somatic Experiencing, Nonviolent Communication, NLP, Zen Coaching and Art therapy.


Dates & Times


Check-in and arrival 16.00-18.00

Dinner at 18.00-19.30

The first session starts at 20.00

Ending time on the 12th:

Lunch 13.00-14.00

Ending circle: 14.00-15.00


Contact Sandra Geitz:


Stephanie Verstift


Sandra Geitz


Practical information

Course fee
SEK 3600

Accommodation and all meals (paid upon arrival)
Single room - private bathroom: SEK 4050
Single room - shared bathroom: SEK 3750
Part in double room - private bathroom: SEK 3450
Part in double room - shared bathroom: SEK 3150
Sleeping alcove (incl duvet, mattress, pillow): SEK 2550

Early bird discount!
Receive 500 sek discount if you book before 15th of October 2023.
Use discount code: FACILITATION500

Course language


Information on food and practicalities

  • Mundekulla serves organic and vegetarian food and offers dairy and gluten free options for those who wish or have allergies. However, we cannot accommodate temporary diets.

  • All participants should check in/register in the reception and pay for food and lodging upon arrival.

  • Bring your own sheets and towels or rent them at Mundekulla for SEK 150/set at check-in.

  • Participants clean their rooms after the event, or buy this service for SEK 300 per room, which can be booked upon arrival. For room cleaning not carried out by participant a fee of SEK 400 will be invoiced.

  • It is not permitted to light candles in the rooms.

  • Pets cannot be brought to the facilities, but there is adog hotel 7 km from Mundekulla

  • It can be nice to bring clothes for nature walks.

Booking Terms and Conditions

See our booking terms and conditions here.

General information

It is recommended to read this general information before arrival.

Travel to Mundekulla

Click here for information on how to get to Mundekulla​

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