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EVENT: Christmas dinner, homemade, vegetarian


Christmas dinner in December

3, 4, 10, 11, 17 and 18 December 2022

Organizer: Mundekulla in collaboration with Torstamåla Gård

Warmly welcome to a vegetarian Christmas dinner in Mundekulla

This year, Mundekulla in collaboration with Torstamåla farm opens its doors and welcomes you all to a homemade, vegetarian Christmas dinnerr with local products and in the spirit of sustainability. Together we create a beautiful place in the warmth of the Old House, in togetherness and celebration.

We will serve food prepared from scratch filled with love and care. There will be dishes such as Hällandsklångkål, Juliga göttbullar, classic västerbotten pie, Mundekulla's bread, saffron cheesecake and lots of other delicious dishes.

Raffa it's an organic garden master with a passion for bringing the beauty of simple and traditional food packed with flavour, she will bring her family recipes to the night and her touch for care a perfection in the plate.

Alfonso is the Mundekulla chef, know by all courses, festivals and conferences held in the premises. He has a passion for naturally risen breads, mediterranean style of cooking mixed with a strong asian cuisine influence that is the pillar of the kitchen of Mundekulla.

For these evenings they want to bring a mixture of tradition of the julbords with a vegetarian approach, using locally sourced produce and treating the guests a completely beautiful experience.

There will be music, warm beverages and cold homemade non-alcoholic drinks, a cosy fireplace, like-minded people and a great time.

In the case that you came from far away and you would like to spend the night we have rooms available during those nights.

If you bring children we have a discounted price for them too.

Bring friends and family and join us in an older cozy environment with a spaarkling fire and candles, warmth and live entertainment. At the same time as you contribute with a slightly more sustainable alternative!

The food at Mundekulla

Yummy, healthy, beautiful, balanced and creative dishes with great ingredients.

Vegan and vegetarian

To tread light on the environment, we generally serve a vegan base that is protein-rich and we have optional vegetarian sides. When we serve vegetarian dishes, we always provide vegan alternatives.

Local and organic

80% of the ingredients we use are organic and / or locally grown. Where possible we get our produce from local farmers. We have also started building our own organic vegetable garden.

Allergies and diets

At Mundekulla we can not serve for specific diets, such as Keto or Raw, however, we do serve alternatives for allergies and sensitivities, such as gluten, nuts and lactose.

The food at Mundekulla has received a lot of appreciation over the years and we have now also published a cookbook with the delicious recipes: "Mundekulla's Green Kitchen". It was named "Sweden's best vegetarian cookbook" in 2020, and the following year it was named "World's best cookbook" by the French organization "Gourmand Cookbook Awards".

Warmly welcome!

Practical information

Adults: SEK 495 per person

Children: SEK 350 per person


"The Old House" – the original manor building from the 1820s.



Please book by phone 0760-155532 or

Enter name and number of participants.

Overnight stay

In the case that you come from far away and you would like to spend the night we have rooms available during those nights. Please contact Alfonso.

Travel to Mundekulla

Click here for information on how to get to Mundekulla.


Welcome to join our carpooling group on Facebook where you can request or offer a ride to a specific event at Mundekulla.


Dates & Times

Saturday  3 Dec at 16.00 - 19.30

Sunday    4 December at 16.00 - 19.30

Saturday  10 Dec at 16.00 - 19.30

Sunday    11 December at 16.00 - 19.30

Saturday  17 Dec at 16.00 - 19.30

Sunday    18 Dec at 16.00 - 19.30


For questions and registration contact Alfonso:


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