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CONCERT: Diane Patterson


Concert Diane Patterson

April 16, 2022

Organizer: The Mundekulla Team

Welcome to a touching concert with the fantastic Diane Patterson, who is currently on a European tour!

On Easter Eve, we invite some of the people of the area, light a fire and end with a concert with inspiring Diane Patterson from the USA who does an acclaimed concert. Diane has performed on the Mundekulla stage countless times and visits us in connection with her tour to Sweden.

The concert is part of the event "Music and Mindfulness – in action". Read more here .

About Diane Patterson (USA)


Diane Patterson mixes rocking acoustic guitar with ukulele and engaged voice with touching messages. With roots in American folk music, she arouses commitment even in the most dormant forest soil. Diane is a charismatic singer and exceptional musician that we met on a trip to Hawaii in January 2008. When we later heard that she was going on a European tour in the summer of 2008, it was a given that she would visit the Mundekulla Festival where she was a success. Since then, there have been many recurring appreciated visits to Mundekulla. She has toured all over the United States and Europe for over 30 years and the fan base grows every year.  Listen here >>

From an article about Diane:


Powerful singer songwriter builds bridges of friendship around the world, celebrating life with rockin 'healing songs. 

Award-winning songwriter, Folkgoddess Diane Patterson subverts the dominant paradigm with rocking acoustic guitar and ukulele, a mighty pen, and a woman's voice. Since 1989, Patterson weaves her original Mystic Acoustic Americana and unifying stories, planting seeds of love and revolution. Diane's new album, Satchel of Songs, was recorded last year in New Orleans. Diane tours winters in Hawaii and summers in Scandinavia. She played folk guitar in church as a kid, and now her songs come from visions of equality and passion for wild forests. In April she returns to Sweden and Denmark for a 2-month musical tour of small venues and living rooms.

Read more about Diane on her website.

Practical details


Concert only (20.00 - 21.30)

Adult over 26 years: SEK 200
25 years and under: SEK 125

Concert + dinner (6.30 pm - 9.30 pm)

Adult over 26 years: SEK 350

25 years and under: SEK 250



The booking form also includes options for booking the whole weekend. Select "concert only" in the first drop-down menu and then the option you want for the concert in the next menu.

Booking rules

Read our booking rules here

Travel to Mundekulla

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Dates & Times

Date 16 April 2022

Dinner at 18.30 - 21.30

Concert at 20.00 - 21.30



Said about Diane

"Diane is an amazing songwriter and a world healer."

- Bill Brickey, Chicago musician and event producer

"Patterson's silky vocals ... unbeatable groove, the mystic-acoustic-americana vibe, and the peaceful, revolutionary spirit ... Thank you" folk Goddess "!"

—Last Day Deaf

“Ass impassioned delivery, sparkling musicianship, and sharp lyrical skill…” “a performance intoxicated with the spirit of creation…”

—Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest

Diane P.jpg

Diane Patterson


Diane's latest album "Satchel of Songs"

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