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Mundekulla garden. Picture by Sara Vitale.

Food at Mundekulla

Yummy, healthy, beautiful, balanced and creative dishes with great ingredients.

At Mundekulla we believe good food does not have to be complicated. In fact, we believe the simplest foods can be the tastiest, warmest and closest to us. All you need are your hands, your heart, your brain and your curiosity. The most important ingredients are the love and care that are brought in preparing the meal.  

We work hard to delight each and every retreat and festival with beautiful food that nourishes the body and the spirit. Our aim: making vegan and vegetarian food that makes everyone happy in a way that helps us cherish the earth.  



To tread light on the environment, we generally serve a vegan base that is protein-rich and we have optional vegetarian sides. When we serve vegetarian dishes, we always provide vegan alternatives.


80% of the ingredients we use are organic and / or locally grown. Where possible we get our produce from local farmers, such as Solmarka Gård and Hällasjömåla Gård. We have also started building our own organic vegetable garden.


At Mundekulla we can not serve for specific diets, such as Keto or Raw, however, we do serve alternatives for allergies and sensitivities, such as gluten, nuts and lactose. It is  good to inform us at least one week before your stay about special requirements.


In 2020, the first Mundekulla cookbook was printed! With the help of an amazing crowdfunding by all the lovers of the Mundekulla food. We so proudly announce that the book won two Gourmand awards for Best Hotel Cookbook in the World 2021 and Best Vegetarian Cookbook Sweden.


The English version is sold out but it's now available in Swedish! The Swedish version is called "Mundekullas Gröna Kök". You can order the book here . More information about the book and the inspiration behind it can be found at:

Mundekulla Cooks cookbook - kokbok
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"Food can bring people together in a way nothing else can"

    - Yotam Ottolenghi

YUMMMM ... :)

From the Mundekulla forest
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