Mundekulla Festival
Workshop Leaders

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Anna Rasmussen
Yinyoga, concert (in Swedish)

​In 2006 on an island in Thailand, Anna's real encounter with the world of yoga came and since then, yoga has been a part of her life. She trained in 2007 as a Virya yoga teacher in Stockholm and later also in children's yoga and yin yoga.

She carries a love for the many different parts of yoga, the physical positions, the breath, the meditation, the recovery and the philosophy of life as a whole that she believes provides support for a richer everyday life. Anna lives in Ronneby and regularly holds courses in Yoga and meditation and organizes events with yoga teachers that she is inspired by. Anna also gives a concert together with her twin brother Tomas based on her own Swedish translation based on the teachings of the Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh. In everyday life, she works within the church with people who are far outside the labor market, where the knowledge in the various branches of yoga is very helpful and permeates the work she performs. Anna is part of the Festival team behind the festival.


Malin Berghagen
(in Swedish) 

Malin Berghagen began her professional career as an actress but since she was little she has been interested in health and personal development. She has been working as a yoga inspirer since 1998 and holds courses and lectures all over the world with a focus on inner peace. She has also written six books, of which four were about yoga and zest for life. In 2020, her book "Freedom, to live one's longing" was published, which is about one's own encounter with oneself, to be free from one's own limitations and patterns. Asking the question is compassion something that only applies when it suits our own needs or is it in all situations? She asks herself: "Who am I and who do I want to be?". She is passionate about personal development and the inner journey and lives by the motto "If everyone strives for inner harmony and to feel good, the world will also feel better."

During the festival she will hold a lecture about her life journey and challenges along the way.

(More to come)


Olle Carlsson
Devotion, lecture (in Swedish)

Priest, lecturer, author and social entrepreneur who was ordained a priest in the Church of Sweden in 1980 and since then has been active as a minister in Kista parish, Fryshuset, Allhelgonakyrkan and 2009-2019 as pastor in Katarina parish. Olle has previously worked as a manager, ethical advisor and therapist at the Alpha Foundation, Provita and Ersta.


Among other things, he has published the books Christianity for atheists, Just today, The steps of life, Called - struggle and love and most recently "On comfort, hope and courage" . Olle currently runs Kontempel in Stockholm and offers daily devotionals and reflections on Facebook. Read more here


Peter Elmberg
Concerts, lecture, morning gatherings (Swedish & English)

In 1998 Peter started Mundekulla together with Anne Solveig, after reading Indian history in the USA in 1996 and having lived in a 10 sqm cottage in Mundekulla for self-chosen solitude. At this year's festival, he offers a lecture on the theme "Think seven generations ahead before each important decision" about his 25 years in Mundekulla and the thoughts about Mundekulla's future as he is now looking for a new owner who can take it forward in a similar spirit.


Peter also performs a concert called "A son and a mother" with songs written for his mother Irene who has been a great role model for him in terms of reconciliation and commitment.

He also leads the morning gatherings, as well as performing songs called "Mindfulness Songs of Mundekulla" inspired by Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.

More workshop leaders to come.


Satyadev comes from Calcutta in India but he is now living in Denmark with his wife and children. Music runs through his veins. He hails from Kolkata, India. He was brought up in an environment clouded with devotion, tradition and religion. His music involves a soulful tone which brings bhakti and endurance when you listen to it.


He does bhajans, mantras and intriguing religious music of the Bauls- the Sufi magic of Bengal. A big Krishna Bhakta, Barman, carries a huge understanding and love towards Vedic and yogic rituals and the beauty and power of ancient mantras. He believes religion is like the sun. One sun, but many rays. “The divinity has many facets, just like him”.

Listen to Satyadev here

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Ann Sjöling
Liberating dance

Ann is a trained Liberating dance teacher by Anne Grundel (Liberating Dance Academy) who annually offers a summer course at Mundekulla. Ann loves the expression of dance and how it tends to make us humans more open and free. During the festival, she leads liberating dance, from the calm to the wild - dance freely to wonderful music!

Ann ended her employment at Mundekulla at the turn of the year 2020/2021 due to Corona. Therefore, we are extra happy that we get to enjoy Ann's dance and presence at the festival after almost 8 years of faithful service at the reception at Mundekulla where she was much appreciated by both the working group and our guests.


Magnus Bengtsson
Circus school  (for children and youth)
(Swedish & English) 

Magnus Bengtsson is one of the festival's great heroes and great inspirers, who offers Circus School for children, young people ... and adults!

While the adults participate in general wisdom and developing activities, Magnus offers something called play, acrobatics, hand standing, juggling and other fun activities that most adults have completely lost along the way.


In addition, there will be a closing show on Sunday for all ages (small and large…) This is definitely one of the highlights of the festival, at least if the children get to choose!  See clip

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Nils Kercher (De), Kira Kaipainen (Fi)

We are happy that the multi-instrumentalist Nils Kercher and Kira Kaipainen will return to this year's festival. They made an acclaimed performance last year that left no one indifferent. Nils has been inspired by the West African musical tradition combined with the introspective meditative atmosphere from the Nordic landscapes. Together with Kira Kaipainen, they spread a deep gift of poetic world music interspersed with pulsating and expressive rhythms consisting of balphone and Kora (African harp). Kira's soft voice and touching lyrics mix beautifully with Nils' broad and musical richness. Together, they create melodies that take the listener on a journey that sounds long after the music has stopped.

"Dense and excitingly varied sound ... virtuoso kora player ... Songs that immediately sweep the listener away. A bridge between cultures" (Deutschland Radio Kultur)  Listen here

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Jennifer Ferguson (SA)
Concert and Sacred Song workshop

One of South Africa’s foremost performing artists/ singer-songwriters and political activists in the ’80s and ’90s during the country’s liberation struggle, many of her songs were banned from airplay, as she performed on the stages of protest in that time. After liberation, Jennifer was appointed to serve 3 years as a member in the First National Parliament, under then-President Mandela between ’94-97. It was during a national tour of Sweden that she met Swedish choral conductor and composer, Anders Nyberg who also joins the Mundekulla festival. They married in Cape Town in 1996 beginning what would be many years of creative collaboration. They founded Peace of Music, a non-profit organisation that worked culturally with the children of the eastern inner-city slums of Johannesburg. Many of their projects have involved dynamic cultural meetings between Sweden and SA. Jennifer has been a committed explorer and innovator of healing sound-journeys, a Tai Chi- Yoga- Voice and Course in Miracles teacher for many years. Listen here >>

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Massive Vibe Live! (Uk)  
Concert   "A magical mystical tour"  

Super beautiful and groovy "Massive Vibe Live" from England comes to this year's festival full of enthusiasm and infectious energy! The 10-man band that travels the world with their beautiful grooves that get mosquitoes as well as wasps, deer, moose and not least festival visitors to "Go bananas" in Mundekullaskogen. The performance is beyond most that has been seen before at Mundekulla with big screen, rap, dance music with uplifting lyrics and music that moves across many different genres using instruments such as harmonica, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, piano, electronic beats, rap, singing, dancers and a unique visual experience. Massive Vibe Live gave a concert at Mundekulla 2018 that still vibrates in the trusses. Bring it on! Or as they themselves say "Get ready for a powerful explosion of great cheer and wonder!"  

Watch video >>

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Jem Fredriksson
Lectures, mindfulness walking, meditation, Qi gong

Jem left a legal career in Stockholm to live as a monk for 18 years (2002-2020) in Plum Village in France and in California. Jem has been a Dharma teacher since 2010, and Zen Master and peace activist Thich Nhat Hahn is his teacher. During his years as a monk, he has met and taught thousands of fellow human beings who have sought development and guidance in their lives and inner journeys. In the autumn of 2018, Jem himself suffered a major life test when he was diagnosed with cancer. The incident made him return to his roots and since 2020 JEM has left life as a monk and lives in Sweden. He has continued to dedicate his life to working as a Dharma teacher and has recently trained as a qigong teacher. During the festival, he shares thoughts and life wisdom from his life journey and offers meditation, mindfulness walking and Qi gong. During the past year, he has held both physical and livestreamed retreats at Mundekulla and a new one awaits this autumn on October 27-30. Read more here. 

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Emma Dinmali Holmlund
Family constellations, EFT tapping
(in Swedish) 

Emma Dinmali Holmlund attended Osho therapist training in Pune, India in 2002 and in Family Constellations in 2003. She is also trained in EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and gives sessions and workshops. At the festival, Emma holds a workshop called "Tapping, Drawing and Transformation" where you can learn the EFT tapping technique. It is a tool for calming the nervous system and being able to process and see memories, thoughts and emotions in a new perspective. With a few simple drawings, all participants get a chance to test the technique on their own problems. Emma will also hold a family constellation workshop "The family and the flow of love" where we will set up 1-2 constellations. By seeing and naming the entanglements that have unknowingly arisen in the family system, we can become free and the love that exists in the family can begin to flow again.

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Anders Nyberg
Choir workshop, lecture

Anders is one of Sweden's most appreciated choir leaders and his Swedish mass "Heaven within" has sung its way into the Swedish choir soul. Anders was also conductor for the Swedish group Fjedur. He has studied choral conducting at the Stockholm Academy of Music for Eric Ericsson and composition for Bengt Hallberg, but the most important musical influences come from local folk musicians in Dalarna and his second homeland South Africa. He has arranged choral arrangements for almost 400 songs, including "Mundekulladanserna" and his latest project "A Chorus of Miracles". He also started "Sång i Dalgång" in the 90's when he walked with a choir around Siljan and gave concerts. And later "Sång i Strandgång" and later "Sång och Gång" from 2007 at Mundekulla. Anders and Peter also arranged a song tour in 2012 (Trondheim to Copenhagen) for 5 months ( www.thepath.nu )   with 25 concerts that continued in Germany. In addition to a song workshop, Anders will also talk about his upcoming book on "The Path project".

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Jan Eric Ström
Concerts, morning gatherings

Jan Eric is a multi-musician who has gilded many festivals at Mundekulla over the years through his own work and as a comp artist for other musicians. He performs both his own music and participates in the morning gatherings with Peter Elmberg. Since his education at the Academy of Music, Jan Eric has been a guitar teacher at Hässleholm's cultural school, among other places.


Jan Eric has also performed and toured with many other musicians in Sweden, Europe and India, including Kevin James whose album Only One he also participates on. Jan Eric has also worked a lot with theater, but nowadays he devotes most of his time to his three "Ms", namely Music, painting (Målning in Swedish) and meditation. It is impossible not to be touched when Jan Eric takes tone.


Pernilla Franzén
Embodied Yoga Principles
(in Swedish) 

Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) is a mindfulness based way of practicing yoga where you gain deep insights about yourself. Through different yoga positions, we explore strengths and weaknesses together, discover what we need more or less of in our lives and gain knowledge in how we can get in touch with our own superpowers.


We also get a vision and the opportunity to balance the masculine and feminine qualities that we all have within us, regardless of gender. In short - EYP is a fantastic source of both self-awareness and empowerment, so feel free to give it a try!


Lars-Magnus Österberg
Morning gathering, accompanist

Lars-Magnus Österberg is a pianist and keyboard player from Gothenburg and one of the festival's recurring musicians and part of the house band. In a concert with Jan Eric Ström, he performs some of his own compositions, close and meditative. Listen, rest and sing along. Lars-Magnus also participates as a musician for various artists during the festival and the morning gatherings, Mundekulla Summit and with Peter Elmberg. 

Lars-Magnus has worked with music education for 25 years and he now has a musician position in Högsbo parish, Gothenburg and also freelances in the region.


Sandra Geitz
Meditation & Movement Exploration
(Swedish & English) 

Sandra moved to Mundekulla in January 2021 and runs Mundekulla's European volunteer project and is a board member of Mundekulla Vänner Non-profit association, where she works to start training projects for youth workers.


In addition to this, she works with Zen Coaching, in the form of individual sessions, workshops and mediation sessions as well as liberating dance and movement. During the festival, she will offer a guided morning meditation as well as a "movement exploration" workshop that ends with free dance.


It is also possible to book sessions with Sandra on site. Read more here

Tomas med Gitarr.jpg

Tomas Rasmussen

Tomas Rasmussen is a self-taught guitarist from Ronneby who spent a large part of his youth with his six-stringed friend by his side. It helped him through challenges and the dream of devoting himself fully to music grew stronger as he learned riffs from his favorite artists in the 80's and 90's. For a while he lived in London and invested in the rock band "Head" and made some unique recordings and performances.


The guitar technique and musicality remain and it will be fun to see Tomas on stage again, this time with twin sister Anna Rasmussen on vocals as we get to listen to and sing along to Plum Village songs inspired by the Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh.