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We have happy news. After 25 years of fantastic work, music, community and love, Peter and Anne 'pass on the stick' to Martin and Galina. Two wonderful people who will continue Mundekulla with the vision of sustainability, biodiversity, personal development and wellbeing. And the team? Comes along!

Peter and Anne 'pass on the stick' to Martin och Galina


Peter Elmberg and Martin Studer have jointly announced the sale of Mundekulla Kurs Retreat Konferens AB to Bluerain Partners Group AG, effective 1 January 2023. Bluerain Partners Group is a family office incorporated in Switzerland, that is owned by Martin and Galina Studer-Maloshenko, and will continue to work with the team who contributed to Mundekulla Kurs Retreat Konferens Center under Peter’s leadership already.


Peter Elmberg, longstanding owner of the Mundekulla Kurs Retreat Konferens Center, commented on the sale "After 25 years with this beautiful center, I am very grateful to have found with Martin and Galina Studer-Maloshenko new stewards, who will manage and run this very special place in a similar spirit. At the same time, they have the ambition to lead the center into the future and embark on new paths. It has been a fantastic and meaningful journey to lay the foundation for a place where creativity and personal development can grow. I look forward to seeing the business develop further towards new goals and that I for my part will have more time for my family, the music and for pursuing my own projects."


Martin Studer commented: "From the very beginning, we were fascinated by the vision and care that the property's designers, Berndt Elmberg, Peter Elmberg and Anne Solveig put into the overall concept of this unique property. Mundekulla shall continue to be a wonderful place of peace where people can retreat and find energy. In a time of climate change and global turmoil, which is also a time of social transformation in many ways, we see a clear need for places like Mundekulla. Mundekulla fits perfectly into our own direction and dedication."


Mundekulla Kurs Retreat Konferens AB will continue to favourably impact growth and development for many different groups of guests. To start into 2023 and on a solid booking-status, permanent contracts with the team involved were agreed and all contracts that were negotiated by the previous owner with customers and other business partners will be honoured.


On the future plans for Mundekulla Martin tells us: "It is our ambition to develop the centre's offering for individual guests as well as for organizational teams, who search for excellence in developing sustainable models for their future. Furthermore, we believe that the property can develop to become a role model for a biodiverse transformation. We therefore hope and expect to see that Mundekulla will spread its recognition beyond Småland, Sweden, and even outside the country."


And he stressed: "It is our commitment to develop this very special place at a pace and in a manner suited to be seen as an integral part of the local communities around Emmaboda, contributing to the prosperity and attractiveness of this wonderful region within Kalmar Kommun. Mundekulla developed to what it is today in the course of 25 years. We now embark on a journey set for the next 25 years."

Read the full press release here

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Listen to the Mundekulla team


About the Center

In addition to course activities, there are also cultivations, forest management and an EU project for young people who undergo training in sustainability for 8 months (March-Oct).

The cookbook "Mundekullas Gröna kök" (Bazar publishing house) was named "Sweden's best vegetarian cookbook 2021" and "The world's best cookbook in hotels and restaurants 2021" and it is also available in English and Dutch. 

Mundekulla Eco tower is a unique building, 25 m high, that is being completed with the aim of being rented out weekly with an estimated annual turnover of SEK 500,000.

Listen more here.

The property is owned by a sole proprietorship and the business is run via a limited company with a turnover of approximately 4-5 million SEK in a normal year.

There is also a non-profit association linked to the business. Read more here.

Opportunity to also acquire forest property of 57 hectare and 4 cottages. The forest property contains beautiful broad-leaved/pine forest and nature trails as well as a wilderness village with spaces for motorhomes.



In 1997, Peter moved to the family's summer cottage in Mundekulla's neighboring village for a year of hermit life. The following year, the beautiful 19th century farm was acquired by Peter's parents, who both grew up in the neighboring village. Shortly afterwards, Anne Solveig joined in, carrying a dream of a course center.


The farm was carefully restored during 2 years, and from the very beginning building maintenance fairs were arranged to inspire sustainable construction, which attracted up to 2000 people a day, as well as the annual Mundekulla Festival in August, which this year is organized for the 24th time. The business has developed every year under the motto "Sustainability at all levels".

Many awards over the years

Mundekulla has received several awards for its work on sustainability.

Read more here.



> Events with 15-300 people

> 1200 sqm heated space distributed over 6 larger buildings.

> 4 multifunctional gathering spaces

> Beds for over 100 people, motorhome spaces and tent spaces.

> Fast wifi

> 25 m high unique Eco tower with bedroom
and lookout point

> Forest with beautiful hiking trails

> Meadows and swimming lakes

> Run under the motto "Sustainability at all levels"


Have a look around


"Welcome to Paradise. Your Mundekulla is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. Here lives such a beautiful soul in a magical landscape. Peace reigns in every little stone, in every tree and in the animals. You have created a future here. A world we all look forward to, where ecology and science work together. Where the wings of history play in the old floorboards. Welcome to the paradise of the future. A new time! "

Malin Berghagen

Disability:  Some rooms are on the second floor with staircases that are used for larger courses, but several meeting rooms are on the first floor and we have an elevator to the meeting room (Kreativum). We have four accessible toilets.

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